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  • Tama 13x7 Maple

    I never win anything, ever! So I go to a clinic at the local music store this week and, out of all the door prizes, this little Tama catches my eye. Finally, I win something, turn down three offers to buy it at the clinic, and take this little sweetie home.

    I play in a big band and with a couple of jazz combos so I'm thinking that, being a 13 incher, it may be perfect for low volume stuff. I put some good heads on it, tune it up, give it a whack, and run for the ear plugs! This baby is loud! So I set up a couple more snare stands and do the A/B volume test. This little Tama is louder than my Slingerland maple, my Acrolite, and my Ludwig COB.

    Next I get on line to find out what it is. It's not listed on the Tama website, nor on any dealer's site. So I call my friend at the store and he tells me this is a limited edition Artwood Maple that they make only for clinics and other promotions. It's 7 ply all maple, 13x7, with black anodized hardware.

    Now I'm a vintage kind of guy. While I have had a few modern drums along the way, I keep going back to my '60s and '70s Slingerlands and Rogers and sell the new ones. But this is one modern drum that will remain in my stable.

    This could easily be my only snare if I were playing rock, country or blues. It has a nice sweet crack at mf or above, but also is very sensitive at mp or below. Response to brushes is excellent. It wouldn't work too well for small group jazz as it goes from quiet to cannon very quickly and doesn't provide the low volume range needed. But I think it will be perfect for the unmiked big band gigs in large halls and outdoors as it has a wide high volume dynamic range. Brushes may actually be heard with this drum, at least by those on the front row.

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    Artwood! Beautiful snare.
    pls no bully ;w;

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      Looks awesome man! Congrats!


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        Beautiful snare man! I was thinking of picking one up. For 160 you can't go wrong!

        I love that size as well!
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          Wow, that is one stellar drum. Congratulations on that pickup!
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            If you ask me any Tama drum with Black Hardware is pretty rare. Congrats on that snare man, it looks sweet!
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