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    Originally posted by mikeym
    Looks stupid.

    Please don't pick up your sticks ever again.

    geez... the kids so gung ho on having nice stuff to play on... give him a break everybody... i'm pretty sure he already knew what kind of responses he would get when he posted the thread... if i was that kid i would feel like total **** right now... like my hard work wasn't very appreciated... if he likes it, GREAT! i feel bad cause here's a kid that likes to drum so much, and is stuck with a beginner kit, doesn't have the money to upgrade, so figures he'll try to fit in with some of the guys with the custom stuff...

    when i started drumming 7 years ago, all i wanted to do was fit in with the guys that had been drumming for a long time.. i would do anything, actually i tryed something like that... but not quite that drastic.. it was a ****ty pearl export snare anyway... but i know where he's coming from... cause at that time 7 years ago, i was SOO into drumming, i just wanted to fit in with the guys on this forum that could afford custom drums...

    well here i am 7 years back down the road... still don't have a custom kit... still my old export... but i know i did a lot of work, and i came a far way from where i started...

    but for this kid, please at least give him a little credit for spending time on his drum even if it didn't turn out the best... its better than doing drugs or commiting other crimes...

    well put!


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      I don't think it's normal for a 19 year old to ruin a snare with corny flame paintings.



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        Originally posted by Hawk440
        Regardless of age, save the flames for jerks. Chronoligical age and maturity don't always match. I still think he put up the pix with pride. No need to flame him IMHO.
        I agree, although i feel he would get better results fingerpainting.


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          Good try, better luck next time!
          MY KIT! Updated 8/24/07!

          r.i.p, you will be missed


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            ive done that before.. whooptydo i guess that makes me a child. its a cheap snare, it doesnt matter. He can do whatever he wants to do with it.
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