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  • Copper or Brass

    I am planning on buyin a new snare. It will definetly be a FF 6 1/2 x 14. I can't decide on whether to buy a brass or copper shell. I plan on buying all the shells but I am wondering what you guys would pick to buy first. I am basing my decision on versitality and ease of tuning. Right now I currently play a Steel shell snare (just an Export snare), so I believe a Brass FF would give me the biggest sound difference.

    So, my main question. I want to buy the snare that can go from a Motown mud slap, to a 80's power metal, to a piercing crack and I just don't know which is easiest to do so with.

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    I have a Pearl 6.5x14 free floating brass. Its incredible. Very loud and cutting. I have heard copper is even more intense. I plan on getting one of the shells to try it. I just dont know if it will be too much.
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