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Looking for BCX snare

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  • Looking for BCX snare

    Hi everyone this is my first time on the forum so I apologize in advance. Long time Pearl owner and fan. I just recently bought a Pearl Masters BCX set in Gold Bronze Glitter from about 2014 or 2015. I’m looking for the matching 14/6.5 snare for the kit if anyone knows of one available.
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    Welcome to the Forum. Sweet kit. Keep your eye out
    on eBay, Guitar Center used and Reverb. Pearl may be
    able to help but it would be big money. Anyway best of
    lucky to you DtothaC. Oh and a nice TD-20 peeking out.
    Eric G : Pearl,pAiSTe,Remo,Vic Firth,SKB,Roc n Soc,Roland V-Drums. Masters MCX Chestnut fade.
    22"x18",10"x8",12"x9",16"x16". Ian Paice Snare.sigpic Why not ...


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      Thank you. I used them (TD20) as my main gig kit for the longest and I’m needing to retire them. They still are great sounding (no I’m not wanting to sell them) butt the plugs started getting overwhelming when your playing multiple band shows with limited set time. I use real cymbals at bigger events and it helped a little. My band at the time was all about the electronics. Just want to rock out with no effects and hassle. Sorry about the mess in the pic I’ve been rearranging my drum room and place for awhile.


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        Sorry took a sec for me to figure out it was two people lol. I want the snare because I have extreme OCD when it comes to my kit. I live a couple hours from Nashville and so I can try, wouldn’t necessarily say buy, any snare I could want. It’s just personal preference for this kit.


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          the BCX series has been discontinued, and the factory will no longer supply any BCX individual drum components. We show no BCX1465S/C357 (Golden Bronze Glitter) snares available for purchase.

          As others have stated, your best bet is to search third-party auction sites eBay, and local craigslist for resale items. Good luck to you!

          Pearl Corporation USA | Nashville


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            If everything else fails, there’s always the masterworks option.
            My previous Ludwig kit; Pearl Sensitone Aluminum , Pork Pie, Black Panther and Crush snares.
            DW 5000, Pearl modded P-102, P-120P & P-2002B. IC Powerglide. Many cymbals from the big 3.
            Tiny pic of my old cymbal setup.