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A Thanksgiving surprise for my Brother.

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  • A Thanksgiving surprise for my Brother.

    My brother David was at a loss of words after yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner at our house. He had no idea what was going to happen.

    Just over a year ago I bought a Masters Premium all black MRP snare from D4L (Matt Flaace) but I haven’t used it much except for a few times. It’s a great snare and my brother wants to learn how to play drums.

    He sees how much enjoyment I receive in playing drums. He asked me to help him find a set of drums so I thought what better way to start a kit build than to give him this beautiful snare drum ! I had this snare on ebay for a couple of weeks with no offers my wife agreed it would be a great gift to him . My sister in law said thanks ,now there is one more thing he can annoy me with! (Just kidding)!
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    And I bet that was way better then a eBay sale. GREAT
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      Wow Paul,

      What a wonderful gift to give your brother David in starting him on his path to becoming a fellow drummer!

      I'm sure that he was very thankful yesterday for such a thoughtful and loving gift.

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        Thx guys, yes Kevin he was very grateful and got a little choked up. I know he will enjoy this snare for a long time. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.


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          Great move Paul. Pure class my friend. All the best.
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            That's very nice Paul! Do you have any other relatives you want to give drums to? I have several beauties up for sale on Reverb... 2 of them are your favorite brand!


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              Damn that's a killer present. That drum will last a lifetime, and coming from Matt, you know it would've been looked after and cleaned perfectly.


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                What an incredible gesture.
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