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Anyone play the brass Benny Greb snare?

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  • Anyone play the brass Benny Greb snare?

    I haven't spent much time pouring over gear the way I used to but I noticed this snare and it seems like a very versatile drum. The two internal mufflers are a great idea. I used the one on my acro and this design seems more solid for sure. Really considering this one.

    Click image for larger version

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    I still haven’t played any of his signature models. He played the original Beech sig at the clinic I saw in Toronto, and it sounded incredible with his deft touch and sense of tuning.

    This new model looks awesome, and even sounds great through my tiny smartphone speakers. Gotta check that video out with some nice headphones. This looks like a really versatile drum.
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      Always loved the original wood signature snare, this one sounds amazing too but I think they’re out of my price range.
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        Miles, Mitch, whats happenin fellas. I hope all is well with both of you and your families and that you're both busy in cool projects you also enjoy. I played the beech sig and it was very nice but didn't make me jump outta my seat like some other snares I've owned and played. This brass model just seems so versatile and genre proof, that even considering the high price tag, could be a true multi-tasker, helping to justify the expense hahaha. It's on my radar.


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          I haven’t tried one, but it is next up on my buy list. They sound unreal from all the audio I have heard.
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