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  • New Pearl snare

    I was so taken with the shell’s 15” diameter and 5” depth, as well as other configuration points,...not to mention the price drop at my “favorite online retailer”,...that I spur-of-the-moment pulled the trigger on a SensiTone Premium African Mahogany snare this afternoon. In fact the price was so good, one wonders if Pearl may not be cutting bait on this model(?)

    Thinking it through, I may have been rebounding from the sale of my MHX LE a couple weeks ago, right?
    I’m sure it’s well known here that they call it “the baritone snare”.
    The silver arched lugs may even grow on me. Luckily they’re not ‘golden’, eh? I mean I’d then be the owner of a “McDonald’s Mahogany”!

    What do we know of the “Click-Lock” strainer...?
    Anyway, I look forward to an initial home studio maiden voyage with her.

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    Nice grab!! Maybe post a pic when you can
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