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What model and year is this steel drum?

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  • What model and year is this steel drum?

    I've searched all over and can't find one like it. Was it only available outside the U.S.? I bought it to refurbish and would like to know more about what it is. Thanks. JW
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    I'm guessing no one knows.


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      Originally posted by john wesley View Post
      I'm guessing no one knows.
      John, I'm by far not a vintage drum expert however, since no one has chimed in, I'll try to give my two cents for what it's worth. Anyways, the drum definitely appears to have some age, i.e., condition as well as the Pearl label stating drum was made in Japan. Furthermore, the lugs don't appear to me to look like anything Pearl has manufactured. Lastly, I don't believe rubber gaskets were used under lugs until more recent years. Well, there you have it, my two cents. I hope it helps! However, let me add this. If this drum sounds pleasing to your ear, get it refurbished and enjoy your newly acquired instrument! Good luck!


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        Thanks TM. I've taken it apart and thoroughly cleaned the hoops and hardware. The shell is getting a "rust" patina thanks to my business, CopperState Drums. I'm going for a real industrial look. Not that it doesn't look that way already, but I've been doing patinas on copper, brass and bronze for clients a long time now and "rust" is my first venture. Got the drum for $40 so it's an experiment. Hopefully it'll work for me as planned. Again, thanks for your response.


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          Sorry I'm late to the party.

          Those are Pearl's World Series lugs and gaskets. I'm also no expert, but I believe the World Series was the precursor to the Session line of drums. It was above the Exports and below the D and M LX series'. Or at least something along those lines.


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            1991 S-6114D:

            1982 Maxwin DLX705 in #55 Silver Flash
            1994 SX "Session Series" in #38 Stainless Steel
            1990 CZX "Custom Z" in #130 Champagne
            1991 SZX "CZX Studio" in #133 Crimson Quartz
            1986 SC "Syncussion X" in black
            Roland TD-20SX
            Roland TD-30KV


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              Thanks for the info. I thought the lugs looked kinda Exportish. World Series, eh?