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  • "Frankensnare"

    Hi All -
    Long tome no chat. Thought you might enjoy this - or hate it - that's fine too. Thats why there is chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

    As I am sure was the case with many of you (especially in my age bracket) I was very very sad to hear that Eddie Van Halen had passed away. Yes, I love the music. However, its more than that. When I was 15 (in 1984) I was home sick from school with some illness (probably faking it at some level). We had just got cable the weekend prior, and I was watching MTV. Stuck in between the various skinny tie music and Michael Jackson tunes, the hair band videos started to poke their heads up - including Panama, Hot For Teacher - even Jump. I was more a fan of tunes like Running WIth The Devil, but these videos sold both music and the party that was the 80's. I said out loud, "I wanna do that". It took my drumming from something on par with playing sports, to an aspiration. I practiced like crazy (and didn't get my hair cut for almost 4 years - ha!). I was blessed to experience all sort of stuff over the span of my career. Therefore, I really felt I needed to do something to commemorate Eddie's passing.

    So I built this. Say hello to "frankensnare".

    This is a 1980 era Pearl that is still one of my main back-ups. It is almost always sitting just behind me at every show, just in case.

    I distressed the hardware with muratic acid and a fairly coarse scotch bright, Being that chrome pits when it gets old, I also hit is from distance with some epoxy spray paint to get the speckles. Re-did the shell, then replicated several iconic parts of Eddie's frankenstrat, including the 1971 dated quarter and pick guard.

    I love it - and it will still be my main back up.

    Sorry for the long winded post - hope you like the drum.
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    "but these go to eleven..."

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    Cool project!


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      "but these go to eleven..."


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        That's a cool tribute. It's funny, I was thinking of doing the same thing, but didn't have a snare I wanted to use for it. I looked around to see if I could find one, quite similar to this, to use as a base but nothing I liked was available
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          Love the snare and tribute to Eddie! Well done!


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            Very nicely done, and a cool tribute. The various touches around the shell are very clever.


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              You made our Facebook page! Congratulations!!!!
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                Great project. Man what a tough year.
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                  Nice tribute.

                  Originally posted by AL PERCIVAL View Post
                  You made our Facebook page! Congratulations!!!!
                  That’s great, Al.
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                    Love all the details Scott!

                    A wonderful tribute indeed.

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                      Very cool tribute to one of our recently passed musical Giants.