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New member here! I acquired a cool Pearl President snare ID’ng it!

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  • New member here! I acquired a cool Pearl President snare ID’ng it!

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	5295296Hello everyone,

    I bought a cool snare drum a few weeks ago and would love some info on it. So here are the details.
    It’s a metal 5x14 10 lug drum with the parallel throw off, and looks like a Jupiter, but the badge reads Pearl President Japan. Is this a Jupiter drum, but they hadn’t changed the badges yet? I don’t see this exact drum in any catalog.
    What year is this, and what is the shell made out of? A magnet does not stick to it, but heard there’s a coating on the shell....true or not? Are replacement wires available? Puresound used to make them I see...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to the Forum. I am not the expert but that snare
    is a keeper. Probably a brass shell. Late 60’s to early 70’s
    would be my guess. Someone who knows more will chime
    in. Looks to be in really great condition too.
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      Hi Eric! Thank you, I really dig it and it’s definitely a player drum, but it cleaned up pretty well. It sounds great! I was figuring it would be early 70’s from the badge but wasn’t sure.
      Thank you for the reply!


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        From Pearl:


        Thank you for the photos. I've been able to narrow this down to a time period of 1975-1976, when the President series was available in Japan. I believe this is a steel shell drum.

        I am going to forward a picture to my Japanese contacts, and see if they can give more definitive information.”

        Any thoughts?!


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          Anyone have any input?!


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            74-75 .. if magnet doesn't stick then it is chrome over brass .. Pearl offered COB and COS snares. This snare is a Jupiter with President series badge. The japanese catalogs has this snare listed as "Professional model" and the Pearl President series of drums came with either a 14x5 or 14x6.5 snare depending on which outfit you got.


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              Thank you so much! Any suggestions as to where I can get replacement snare wires?


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                IF your snare is anything like a Jupiter, this might help.


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                  That’s awesome thank you!!!
                  That’s exactly what my drum looks like apart from the badge.