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MCX Snare w/ Evans Heavyweight Head

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  • MCX Snare w/ Evans Heavyweight Head

    The 5.5 MCX snare I first played at GC had a distinctive woody tone that got to me. But, I've not been able to duplicate that sound with the one I eventually bought on Ebay several years ago. Not with the stock heads or others I've tried.
    A few months ago at Fork's I bought an Evans Heavyweight, coated 2 ply with a reverse dot, I had never heard of before.

    Monday night I was host drummer at the jam at Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar in Printers Alley which was the first time I got to hear the snare mic-ed up since I got that head. The snare sounded great when I was playing but it wasn't until I got to hear it from out front that I could really appreciate just how good the MCX is sounding with the Heavyweight head.
    Only one of the first few guys who sat in smacked the snare with any authority which was frustrating. I wanted to hear the darn thing crack! Then my friend Tom DelRossi played and really put the drum through its paces. When he was done he confirmed he liked it more and more as his round progressed. Later, another friend, Andy Peake, closed out the night. He smacked it harder than anybody. With both those guys playing I finally confirmed my MCX has that woody tone I was after in the first place.
    It was also cool to play behind a great line up to kick off the jam.

    Donnie Miller, Michael Whittaker, G. Lee Worden, me, and Big Mike Griffin.

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    You really gotta lay into the drum with a head like that. You get a great sound though.

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      Encouraging to hear, I have a Heavyweight that I haven't used yet.

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        Originally posted by '][' [[]] [[]] ][, View Post
        You really gotta lay into the drum with a head like that. You get a great sound though.
        It does need to be cranked down a little more than other heads to get it in the ballpark but I don't don't feel my approach to playing is any different with the Heavyweight than any other snare batter I've used. I wouldn't characterize myself as a heavy hitter but I've never been shy about laying in the back beat on 2 & 4. Being primarily a blues drummer I play a lot of dynamics but my snare sound hasn't seemed to suffer when playing quiet with the Heavyweight. Loud or soft it plays like any other head to me.


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          i'd take off the diecasts, and put on some 2.3s to get the most out of that drum, myself...


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            I recently got my hands on my first Heavyweight head. Normally I play G1s/J1s on my snares and I'm not one for dots, so the Heavyweight is basically the exact opposite.
            It sounds great. I do find it needs to be really cranked to get it as high as I normally like my main snare, but the tone is surprisingly good for being such a thick head. And of course it tunes low very well. I'm not about to convert from the thin, open heads, but I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a super durable head that's not too dead sounding.


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              I've been using coated vintage "A" on my MCX and I dig it. Thick heads rob it of it's tone and sensitivity.
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                It sure is wonderful when it all comes together, the right mating of head to shell combined with touch.
                So pleased it all worked out.
                Check out my incomplete snare drum collection thread. I like it and think it is quite charming. :)



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                  Originally posted by scooterdavis View Post
                  I've been using coated vintage "A" on my MCX and I dig it. Thick heads rob it of it's tone and sensitivity.