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    400 quid can get you a pretty nice snare.

    Every drum company has a really good maple snare that can do everything for you.

    My recommendations are:

    DW - VLT maple snare

    Gretsch - USA Custom

    Yamaha - Sensitive Series

    for less expensive snares but still great quality, check out:

    Tama SLP Classic Maple, Power Maple, Studio Maple, G-Maple
    Pearl MCX
    Mapex Black Widow, Phat Bob
    DW Performance Series
    Ludwig, but they're more known for the Black Beauty, Supraphonic, and Acrolite snares

    or become an ebay hawk like me to seek out discontinued Yamaha signature snares, or MC, MCA, or MCAN snares (we'll see what happens with these next year, I think they will come back into production)

    Best of luck!
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      Pork Pie Maple Rosewood/Zebrawood exterior

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        Whats wrong with the Sensitone that you dont like?
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          Did you try different heads on the sensitone? I used one with Evans genera and it rocked. My tama steel 13x6,5 has sometimes when I want a fatter sound a genera dry. See what sound comes with muffled heads and then decide or not to buy a new snare. Sensitones are really nice drums and like most steel snares totally underestimated IMO.
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            MCX without a doubt.


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              For maple try a mapex black widow or if you can a second hand black panther birds eye OR Orion.

              The premier signia ( old ones not new) were very nice too.