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  • Messing about pays off...

    Well, they say you learn something new everyday, or you never stop learning...

    I'd like to think I've got my tom tuning down to a T, after a while of trying different things, I've got a method pretty much down.

    However, I've always struggled tuning snares after replacing the reso or wires. My 13x3 brass piccolo has always sounded great, but I really struggled with my 14x6.5 Steve Ferrone sig.... until today.

    I tried, and tried and tried - different tunings, ensuring all lugs were equal etc and always got a horrible snare buzz and overtones - all until I really paid attention to the snare wires... bingo - horrible snare buzz and overtones gone!

    I think I had the wires too tight, and it was choking the reso, which over-resonated the wires causing a horrible buzz.

    I know it should be a basic thing, but I'm really happy that a) this problem is solved, and b) I've learnt something new!
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    Originally posted by OllieNeedham View Post
    I know it should be a basic thing
    You got that right

    That's the first thing I do when faced with a bad sounding snare. Then if it still sounds **** after fiddling with the wires, then I retune the snare.

    But the wires play a HUGE part in the sound of the snare. You can drastically change the sound just by the tension.

    Which is why the DW and Natal snares have those levers to have different wire tension settings.


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      before I learned about snare wires, all my drums would sound weird when I cranked them, but knowing about how they work makes a huge difference.

      I remember hearing/reading a story about Buddy Rich who asked someone to tune his drum because it didn't sound right. The guy simply loosened the snare wires and Buddy was amazed.
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