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Sonor Danny Carey Signature value?

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  • Sonor Danny Carey Signature value?

    Howdy all,

    just wondering if anyone could shed some light on how much one would expect to pay for one of these snares used and new. I've had a look online but there doesn't seem to many out there.



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    Agreed. As of late, I haven't seen many of them around either. A good friend of mine owns one, but it was gifted to him to he doesn't know the price and he doesn't ever plan to sell it.

    What I've seen is - in us dollars - new is approx. $800 and used is typically half that, $400 - $500

    It'a modeled after the HLD 590 but not even close in bronze shell composition. It's a good drum though, big sound, big tuning range.
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      They are no longer made so new is not an option. Do an ebay sold search to find current used values.