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What Snare Drums Have Collectible Value

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    Meg White has to be in the running.


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      Originally posted by MGRushFan View Post
      +1 to that. In my younger days, I felt I "needed" a maple kit or snare, a birch kit or snare, a 5" snare, a 6.5, a piccolo etc....You know, just to cover the bases. What I found was that I ended up using one drum and the rest just sat. As I got older and was exposed to and met some of the "name" players thru my job at the time, they would often school me in the sense that they made whatever they had sound good, and most of them played one drum or drumset only. Maybe they had two kits or snares for convenience sake if they were recording or playing in multiple venues simultaneously. I finally came to the conclusion (for me personally, and not to be taken as a slight to anyone in particular) that the people who had lots of gear were usually the "toys" of the drumming world, to use an old graffiti term. They were masking their lack of ability and confidence in amassing tons of gear. collectors, on the other hand, had a lot of gear not to play, but to DISplay. TO me, that was legit as long as their families and them still could afford food and rent. But I never understood the compulsion because after all, what happens to all this stuff when you die?
      When you get a chance, check out the videos of Todd Sucherman's home drum room. The man has an amazing collection of snares and kits. I doubt he collects drums to mask his ability or confidence. Nothing wrong with having one or two snares. That's all you really need. Conversely, there is nothing wrong with guys who choose to collect gear.
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        You obviously did not read the last couple sentences in the quote you picked of mine. I will repost them..

        "collectors, on the other hand, had a lot of gear not to play, but to DISplay. TO me, that was legit as long as their families and them still could afford food and rent. "

        I would say Mr Sucherman fits into this category.


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          I've often wondered... Neil Peart for example. He has many snare drums he has purchased through the years. Before Clockwork Angels, he often spoke about the sound of this one over that one etc... but in concert, have you ever seen him switch snares? Or any other drummer for that matter? I had an old, used pearl snare drum (abused but free). I won $600. once at a Superbowl party and I bought my brass master snare with that. Had I NOT won, I'd probably still have that snare.
          Now I have that and a sensitone that came with my vbl. Does that make me a collector? Probably not. Am I happy with what I've got? Heck yeah!


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            keeping an eye out for good deals........... when you see bundles of old crappy looking drums some of the time there is a jem in there. being well informed & knowledgable in brands models......and restore techniques has just as much value as the product itself. ei will find a crapy old kit with a decent snare.... or cymbals, stands, or some thing else cool, buy it clean it up, and flip it, but keep what i want. this dose take time and ties up money.
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              Originally posted by kenshireen View Post
              I am beginning to collect snares that will hold their value and maybe even go up.
              I would like some recommendations as to what I should be going after.

              Also, is it best to store snares on their side of flat.
              I have around 10 already
              Back to your original question..........

              What snare drums do you have?

              I guess I will be the exception to the rule here. I do collect. Not as an investment value thing, because I know that is foolish. I have played Rogers USA drums all of my playing life. I own three kits in different colors from the golden era of the mid 60s. I doubt I will sell any of those. I own my first set of drums I bought in 1979... a Rogers Big R. I own 12 Rogers Dyna-Sonics, 10 Rogers SuperTens, and 6 Rogers Powertones. Ten of my snare drums are Rogers XP10 Maples from the last years Rogers was in business. Two of my snare drums belonged to major artists at one time. Everything I own got played out regularly, except for the last two years, not so much.
              Collecting drums is such a small niche market, making a living at it is more fantasy than reality. I love to see and hear my drums played. They deserve to be played.
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