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PDP Blackout 6x14 VS Yamaha Musashi OAK 6.5x13

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  • PDP Blackout 6x14 VS Yamaha Musashi OAK 6.5x13

    So which do you prefer? has any of you owns one of these drums? how do they sound/perform/feel in in personal?
    Blackout seems to be nice but per MusicRadar, the maple shell is not a premium maple but still they gave five stars for Blackout. Musashi sounded good too on youtube, but I wonder how they actually sounded in person? I'm in a groove metal/trash metal band. So which do you think would fit? I have JJ snare but I want to try something new, musashi and blackout sounded more open to me.

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    Of those two, I'd get the Yamaha Musashi. It has all kinds of nice projection and a nice open character. I also feel that it is the better quality drum. I used to have on and it was a nice snare... one that I probably may add back to my snare stable.
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      Yammie x2

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        Mushashi! Although you may want to upgrade the strainer.

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          Yamaha. No question.

          I owned one of the 14x6 Blackouts. Bought it to match the 10x6 that I already had, and it was an enormous disappointment. The bearing edges were pretty rough and gritty, and the powdercoating on the top rim started chipping after just a couple gigs. I tried multiple heads and various tunings, and the best tone I pulled out of it was with an Emperor X head cranked as tight nearly as tight as I could get it. It would cut through the guitars, sure, but it was a very one dimensional tone. After my snare collection started growing, it sat on the shelf unused and wasting space for a very long time, until I traded it for an early 70's Acrolite a few years ago. Absolutely no regrets on that decision.

          If these are your only options, definitely go for the Yamaha.
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