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Ludwig Stainless Steel?

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  • Ludwig Stainless Steel?

    Hey guys just want to know the thoughts of those of you who have owned/played the ludwig black magic stainless series? I usually have expansive taste in snares and would go for the dunnett stainless. I almost always use my Brady 14x8 spotted gum ply snare though and just want a nice steel snare in my collection for sound options? The ludwig seem cheap but sound pretty good online and are about $500 cheaper then the dunnett stainless. Do you think the dunnett is worth the price difference or would the Luddy do great for a steel snare I will use only now and again?
    Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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    I think you will be hard pressed to find a better stainless steel than the Dunnett, there is a clip on Youtube of a guy who has tuned his Ludwig Stainless to sound pretty amazing though! Heres the link:

    Obviously theres a bit of studio magic going on there but man it sounds good.

    My argument would be if you got the Luddy you may regret it, but if you got the Dunnett you wouldn't regret a thing!

    Just my thoughts!
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