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Are you kidding me? hand hammered brass?

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  • Are you kidding me? hand hammered brass?

    So i was curious about how much a DW edge snare usually runs on ebay and i come across this:

    Although hes not asking 400 bucks, its still obviously a 6 lug junker steelie piccolo/shallow snare.
    nowhere do i see hand hammered, lol, or even brass.

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    Don't think he is kidding. Wrong pics perhaps.

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      Yikes! Those are the $50 GC special sale snare drums. This guy is insane.
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        It looks like the seller is a pawn shop so he probably found some info on the net and used it in his description. Which could, of course, be incorrect. Just a guess.
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          Yeah your right, still really funny, makes us drum guys cringe


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            Pawn shops are a joke. If it's not jewelry, coins or stereo gear, they haven't got a clue.
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