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New Gretsch Brooklyn Series Chrome Over Brass

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  • New Gretsch Brooklyn Series Chrome Over Brass

    I love this drum. Great tuning range, incredibly fat, and the 302 hoops are killer for cross sticking. I was really having a hard time deciding on what chrome over brass to get but I figured being that I own the brooklyn kit already, it was the best fit. My next snare purchase will be the Sonor Benny Greb Sig snare, after that I think I will be set for any drumming situation.

    Gretsch Brooklyn Series Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum
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    looks nice!
    I'm using my Christmas avatar until they are the correct size.

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      Enjoy that great Gretsch sound. Peace and goodwill.
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        The perfect 4 piece? I think so.

        How does this series compare sound-wise with the USA? I've had a USA and a bunch of Renowns/Purewoods. I always felt the Renowns held their own.
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