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Can anyone give any ideas as to a comparision btween the Black Beauty and a DW Brass

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  • Can anyone give any ideas as to a comparision btween the Black Beauty and a DW Brass

    Hi PDF

    It seems that the whole Black Beauty quality issues( less than desirable throwoff, overal quality of the lugs, hoops etc) have been dealt with extensively in thread after thread. One thing that seems to remain true is that the shell is the magic formula for the sound and legacy of this drum. I have wanted one for a long time, but after I have read all the threads addressing the poor quality of the drum, I am not willing to drop such a large sum of money for a less than perfection, which I would expect for such a large sum of money. My question, just due to the fact that I have not had an opportunity to hear or play one, would there be anyone here willing to give an opinion on the Brass snare drum offerings by DW. I want to pay good money, only if I and getting quality to go with it. I have been looking at the new Tama brass offering in the Sound Lab Project line, but I don't have access to the above mentioned. I don't want this to be just another BB bashing thread, I am looking for opinions for the DW and possibly Tama offerings

    Thank YOu Cheers

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    Yamaha Manu Katche seamless brass. In my opinion it sounds better than a BB and has better hw. They're a little harder to find in the seamless shell variety but the seamed drums sound great too.


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      I think the quality thing with the BB is super over-exaggerated. It becomes almost cool to knock it. My BB I owned was rock solid. Throw was perfect, very very minimal splay, and sounded amazing. The only reason I sold it was to help fund my craviotto kit.

      Now I play a 20s NOB pioneer. It's not as bulletproof from a hardware aspect but it sounds better to me than the black beauty. It's warmer and rounder.

      Now if I had a good chunk of change to spend on a brass drum, I'd probably save up and get the joyful noise tko. That's the cream of the crop IMO. When multiple guys who have owned everything under the sun say its the best drum they have ever played...I take notice of that.
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        ^ +1

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          yup I know this has been the suggestion in pretty much every thread, but if you want the best, get a Joyful Noise. Best drum product I've ever played or heard, and this is coming from a cymbal nut.

          If that price is too high, I would just say go with the Ludwig. Those gc issues aren't that big of a deal.
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