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Looking for info on a Ludwig chrome over wood

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  • Looking for info on a Ludwig chrome over wood

    A friend (looking to buy it) ask me what I could find out about a chrome over wood Ludwig snare drum. He said the owner told him it was made around 1972. He said the badge had the shape of the blue / olive badge, but he thinks it might have been a darker color, perhaps even some black in it.

    He does know the drum is round and the bearing edges are in good shape. But I'm not familiar with the chrome over wood.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks...

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    I've got a chrome over wood Ludwig. Its a blue and olive badge. Its got Rocker style lugs. Nothing great, I think I paid 75 bucks for it on ebay a year or so ago.


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      Thanks 675, anyone else know anything ?

      Want a Ludwig Acrolite ? PM me.


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        I doubt it's a '72. All of the COW Ludwigs I've seen have been 6 ply or later. (late 70s)
        Still a great drum, but not as valuable as the earlier 3 ply drums.


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          They are good sounding drums when tuned properly, but as erwinner said I don't think anything special.

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