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80's Pearl Maple Snare Makeover

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  • 80's Pearl Maple Snare Makeover

    I introduced this snare to this board on this thread. It's an early 80's 14X8 Maple Snare - M814.

    I got it on ebay and decided it needed improving.

    So I removed the wrap.

    Now, I had heard wraps were a pain to get off so I owe Pearl many thanks for only using two strips of double-sided tape to secure this one.

    I did it by using a paint scraper to separate the overlap a bit. I then used string to saw the glue holding the wrap to itself. I then used a blade to cut the tape a little at a time until the wrap came off in one piece - no heat needed.

    A bit of sanding and chemical removal of the leftover glue and what you have left is a beautiful outer ply - thanks to Pearl for that, too.

    I love natural finishes, so I decided to use a light stain - one coat and five or six coats of poly.

    Next, I cut out the badges, leaving the wrap behind them. And I cut out some gaskets from the wrap.

    I then put all the hardware back on, along with new heads, vents, hoops, tension rods and snares....and voila!

    And, if that wasn't enough, it sounds better than it looks. Great pop with a deep and warm tone and a nice ring. I couldn't be happier with it. My 6.5"er is next.
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    That is the greatest makeover I have ever seen, Brilliant.
    Awesome, terrific Job!
    I love to see the before and after math, and is a great example how to do something alike with some patience and minimal expense in materials.
    The wood hoops, and the stain are the finishing touch that give this drum an ageless look!
    That is one classy drum, the wood is already aged so I can imagine the super nice tone out of that vintage Maple shell.
    Again wonderful job!
    Have some rep, Dude, Congrats and enjoy!
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      very nice....i like seeing people do stuff like this they make different color stains....besides just the natural shades of wood/browns/reds?
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        wow. i am incredibly impressed. what a terrific job. rep dawg


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          Holy balls! That's ridiculous.
          Breathtaking, dude. Seriously. Classy as a mother. Have some rep!


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            Hey Leray,
            Great to see this snare refinished!
            Nice to see the timber under the wrap was in good enough nick to go al la naturale.
            Classy job, the wooden hoops are a great touch...
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              Hey Leray .... I am really impressed. I think you did an outstanding job.
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                Great job!
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                  Damn, good job. That thing looks like it has some "pop" it. I used to refinish tons of snares, I really miss it.
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                    Originally posted by blueday
                    very nice....i like seeing people do stuff like this they make different color stains....besides just the natural shades of wood/browns/reds?
                    Yes, a great many colors.
                    Nice staining Leray!


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                      Thanks all! Compliments and rep make it all the more rewarding.

                      By the way, I took everything, including the wrap, off of my 6.5"er this afternoon. The outer ply isn't nearly as nice and there is a crack, too. I'll have to do a lot more sanding on this one. I will probably go a lot darker with the stain, too.
                      My Pearl M-814 - Early 80s 8X14 Maple Snare - Makeover
                      My Pearl WLX Bass Drum - Makeover


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                        Oh wow that's beautiful! Well done, superb makeover job! Love the wood hoops


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                          WOW! that turned out OUTSTANDING. If I'm not mistaken I believe I suggested you use the old wrap to make spacers between the lugs and the shell. That thing turned in to a real beauity...I'd venture to say. I'd love to hear it.

                          Is'nt it cool to reveal what was under that plastic wrap? Sometimes you find something you can show off the wood grain...and sometimes you wish you never pulled off the plastic wrap. I've been there and gotten both surprises.

                          Congratulations! Nice Work.

                          How much did the whole project cost you?

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                            Good job !
                            congrats !
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                              Looks great!!!!
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