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Help-a-newbie......Gadd snare sound!

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  • Help-a-newbie......Gadd snare sound!

    I'm a complete bare with me!

    I'm such a beginner that i haven't bought my drums yet (only the hi-hat so far)......

    ....i'm going to buy a snare on tuesday......the snare sound i like is something like Steve Gadd has......short, deepish, punchy......yeah yeah, it's the way he hits it, i know.......

    I recently went to a huge drum shop in Germany and hit every snare in the shop......i didn't like any of them!......i only liked the sound of the marching snares!......, i'm thinking that the tuning of a snare must be pretty important, and of course all the snares in a drum shop are unlikely to be well tuned......

    ......what i want to know is:

    If i buy a Gadd signature snare, can i be be guaranteed to get a snare sound reasonably close to what he has (if i learn to tune it correctly)?

    And if i do buy one, which one?.....he has several!:

    look here!

    thanks for caring!


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    Easily, with proper tuining and heads. I'll loiok, in the January Modern Drummer, he was the feature, and it listed which snare he used and what heads. Someone here is bound to have the magazine, i cant find mine, or check modern drummers website.
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      from jan MD:

      yamaha 5.5x14" steve gadd model.. does not say which, but the one pictured on his kit is the brass version [SD-455SG]
      remo coated powerstroke 3 batter, ambassador snare side


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        ......sorry to be a dumb-***, but what's the difference in sound between a brass and maple snare? (apart from the obvious - that it sounds more metallic)


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          As far as I know he uses mainly the 14x5.5 steel version ...but..THE Gadd snare sound through out the years is a 14x5 Ludwig supraphonic snare,have a lok around also for those,
          they tend to show up on ebay once in a while.
          Its basicly the most used and versatile (steel) snaredrum through out the recording drumhistory I guess...

          more gadd info here..



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            Don't forget the biggest difference between Mr Gadd's recorded sound and the one from the live snare in the shop: Several million dollars of recording room, a very expensive desk, effects and mic choice all effect the sound.

            You will get close with his signature snare, using the same heads to the same tensions, but it will never be identical. I'm sure the snare sound where he sits is totaly different from the one on the recordings also.

            I have a video of Metallica recording the black album and Lars' drums sound awful from the camera's point of recording, but huge once mixed and having effects added.

            Find a snare sound that you like, from a real drum and enjoy.
            Rick B
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              thanks!.....bought a 14x5 supraphonic here in Amsterdam today (second hand......230 euro).......right, now i just gotta learn to play this thing!


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                Good luck. Welcome to the big bad world of drums. I hope you have many years of enjoyment out of playing.
                Rick B
                Metal from England!
                Pearl Reference in Purple Craze| Remo Heads | Vic Firth/Zildjian/Vater Sticks (basically anything in a 3A)| Paiste Cymbals


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                  Hee nog een amsterdammer...