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Particular snare sound "Plush"

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  • Particular snare sound "Plush"

    Hi all,

    i searched for this question but the search engine always give a incorrect status so.

    Does anyone knows how to get the Stone temple pilots "Plush" snare sound,or what snare the drummer used on the album Core?I dig it.Yes it has a lot effect on it,but the natural presence of the shell is hearable.
    First call i might say it is a copper shell or maybe a bronze shell tuned really medium.
    If anyone knows just only a little about it,please answer
    Pearl MLX sequoia red (long lugs)
    Pearl "All maple shell" snare 14x6.5
    Ludwig Supraphonic "Chrome over brass" snare 14x6.5
    Yamaha brass snare 14x5.5
    Pearl free floating brass snare 14x6.5
    Sabian and Zildjian cymbals.

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    I'm pretty sure live Eric Kretz was using a 14x6.5" Ludwig Black Beauty with a Remo CS head back in those days. I'd say you're about right with the tuning... medium to medium tight batter, resonant probably slightly higher and the snares loose.

    You can see it here: