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    Thanks for looking guys, I appreciate it.... and thanks for helping me with posting the pics too.

    Well, after my research so far I've understood that the pearl Masters Custom line does not currently offer artisan wood veneers. If I wanted this drum built today it would undoubtedly have a Masterworks badge on it. I suppose it's entirely possible that this drum was conceived prior to the Masterworks being launched when Masters Custom was at the top of the line. And just thinking aloud here... but I'm just wondering if that adds to it's rarity. I can't imagine that this particular drum was rolling off the assembly line like a Chad Smith does, ya know. I bought it at Guitar Center in 2003 for $429. I certainly hope it does better than $250 if I ever decide to sell it. For now, I still think it's a classy looking instrument and it sounds great, so I'll hold onto it.

    Thanks you guys.... I'll talk to you later... here's more pics...
    Jason Parsons


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      wow. very beautiful finish.

      can I have your kit?
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        That lacquer over wood is beautiful with that chrome hardware.
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