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  • I'm new and have a question.

    I have questions about a snare drum that I have but I cannot upload pics of it for you all to see. Every time I click browse, get my pic, then upload and it tries to take me to another site which Explorer cannot open... I'm working from a regular PC. Can anyone help...

    Anyway, since 2003 I've owned a 5x14 limited edition Masters Custom maple artisan snare on natural tamo lacquer with reinforcement hoops. I'm just wondering how rare it is, what it might be worth and ultimately if anybody else out there has one of these... Masters not Masterworks. I've looked and looked the internet, Pearl, eBay and cannot find another one of these...

    Thanks for reading.

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    nice snares!!!! are you trying to sell it


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      That happens to me to. So what you do it:
      Go onto the picture and right click Properties.
      Then copy the address of the picture.
      Go to make a new post and click "Go Advanced"
      In there, on the top of the box to type in click the small picture(It says image when you roll over it)
      Then paste the address of the picture in there.


      Just make a new post and put that address in between this: [IMG]PIC ADDRESS HERE[/IMG]

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        Sound's like an amazing snare! I want to see pics soon!
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          i've used for years and it's served me well in uploading pictures.

          Once you've uploaded it there, you get all different kinds of tags for the image url.
          There's the [img] one that gets used here and the <a href=" one for HTML code.
          saves a load of time and effort
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            This is the snare, thanks for your help

            [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\SNARE[/IMG]


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              not working... screw it. Photobucket is just plain confusing... I suppose that these sites just expect you to know what all these abbreviated things are like... URL and JPG, jpeg, and IMG and well, whatever, not imortant guys, thanks anyways.


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                With Photobucket all you do is copy the IMG text in the little box and paste it into the reply box on this site. Easy as that.
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                  We want to see it! You ain't getting away that easy!


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                        Mmm. Delicious.


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                          The finish is rare, but it's just a Masters Custom and there are tons of them out there. It's in very nice shape, but I'd be suprised if it brought more than $250 on eBay... I got a really nice Masterworks for $200 in that size and I don't think it is worth much more than what I paid...


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                            Finish is lush

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                              For future reference, I'm pretty sure the reason you couldn't post the pics off of your computer, is because they were in a gif (the format that pics in MS paint are saved as by default) format or something that the PDF doesn't read. Convert them over to a jpeg format (do this by opening up the file, go to save as, pull up the bottom drop down box, find and select the jpeg option) and then they should work.

                              IMG tags can only be used if the picture is already on the internet.

                              Keep in mind that my knowledge of computers is very limited and that the reasons i say something doesnt work, could be entirely wrong. I'm just going on my past experiences