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Old Skool CB 700 Free Floating System snare

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  • Old Skool CB 700 Free Floating System snare

    Does anyone on here own or has anyone played a CB700 Free Floating System snare. I had a guy tell me once that it wasn't as good as a Pearl FF and I told him they are made by Pearl. My drum is a 6.5x14 Maple shell FF and it sounds great. I have recordings that prove it. I used it as my main snare for years. I read on the Pearl site where they made cb700 and Maxwin and a lot of other beginner model sets but this snare is from like 1982 or 1983 and has the old style tube lugs with the ridges in them. The snares have an adjustable up/down mechanism on each side to raise or lower the snares which the new Pearl FF's do not have. It is a smoking drum. I talked to Bermuda Schwartz before on the net and he has one too and has made Weird Al records with his. I also have a newer Pearl FF in 3.5x14 and they seem real similar sans the adjustable snare thing. I think it may have been one of the original FF in the line and I am not sure why Pearl put the CB700 badge on it but I am happy either way.

    this is what it looks like
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    I actually own and still play my 14x6.5 Free Floating maple shell CB-700 snare drum and it has the original throw off with the adjustable spring supported bar and the adjustable butt-side. I have been using a 14" puresound equalizer snare wire but found out that Puresound makes a vintage replacement snare wire thats approx 15" in length to replace the original 15" long snare wire that came with the drum. Im going to order one~! I put a Remo Black Suede reso head on it and an Evans EC on the batter side and man, that snare has some deep tonality and bringing up the snare wires tight gives it a deep pop that is just Perfect~! But - - - the upright posts are NOT in the typical style...mine are almost exactly like the 3rd generation style yet I bought my snare in 1983 or 1984 at a music store in Hobbs, New Mexico.