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    just collect a lot of snares, in different sizes too. My dream snare collection would be: 4X14 Free floater with brass
    5X14 Bronze Black Panther
    6.5X14 Ultracast
    6.5X14 bell brass
    7x13 pork pie brass
    7x14 maple
    Updated Kit
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      havn't u got enough already??????????!!!

      I have a 13" hammered brass and a 14" maple - those two do me fine
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        You can never have too many snares. Its like having too many cymbals. Impossible.
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          I agree...never too many

          As far as a collection of snares to have, here is what I'd suggest...

          One maple, for your all-around everyday snare sound. Warm, round, yet still retaining highs for a pronounced CRACK!

          One birch, for a more pronounced wood snare, in comparison to the maple...probably an exotic birch, like Birch bubinga from Tama or Kurillian Birch from PDP, or whoever made it.

          From there, continuing on the wood trail, you may want a strange one, such as mahogany (seldom used for snares since it has increased lows and diminished highs, the opposite of a typical snare), or maybe an exotic wood, but this is probably the least necessary of the three woods.

          Now for metal...

          The quintessential metal snare is usually a brass or bronze snare of at least 1mm thickness for that piercing, cold as ice snare that will ring through any mix and have more bite than a Barq's root beer

          From there, depending on the sound you prefer, you can pick and choose. If you prefer warmer tones, go for a copper snare most likely, or whatever softer metal you can find. I would imagine that a carbon fiber snare (not metal, but more metallic than it is wood) would fit the bill for this type of sound.

          However, if you prefer a brighter metal snare, go right ahead with a steel or aluminum snare.

          All-in-all, as many snares as you want, but you only need 4-5 snares to cover an entire spectrum of sound fit for every single musical situation. Even then, most snares (especially bronze or maple) fit in about 60-80% of music played today. After this is achieved, the rest is strictly for options, choice, and the ability to cause every drummer's brain explode at the sight of how many snares you own
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            geez dude, i only own one working snare


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              Originally posted by Spread
              I think someone (not me) should post a list

              steel - for rock and alternative
              wood - ect
              alum -ect

              and so on

              i would do it but i dont know enough

              That's rubbish. People need to stop categorizing everything. First pedals, now drums. In the real world, everyone uses everything. There are no certain drum materials for certain genres of music.