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Black Panther birdseye maple or Eric Singer snare drum?

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  • Black Panther birdseye maple or Eric Singer snare drum?

    Hey guys i have tried the Eric singer snare drum and i really love the sound of it but the looks are questionable. I have not tired the black panther birdseye maple but i am considering it because it looks good but i really dont know how it sounds. Can anyone please recommend me which one to buy since they are within the same price range? Thanks!

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    You should try and try out the black panther just to be sure.
    Go for sound, not looks.
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      I would say the Black Panther. I have the Hand Hammered Steel model and it's rock solid. These drums are very well made and have very solid sounds. I don't know if I'll ever buy anything else...
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        Thanks for you opinions i will try out a black panther before making my choice


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          i've tried both, and dude, the eric singer ftw only in case of playing a lot hard rock, metal, and such.

          the BP in other hand, is a bit more sensitive, has a bit less crack, and it's "softer in sound"...
          If you need something a little more versatile, this snare might be the best of the two options, but remember that here we are in almost the $500.00 and there are thousands of other snares that might be better or worse, depending your needs. Be sure to check ebay and try as most as you can.