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  • Nice sounding snare

    I have been looking for a new snare that had a different sound than the other snares that I have. The Mahogany shells that Gretsch has in their club series caught my attention when I was at Guitar center. I tried all there snares and just could not find something that fit the sound I wanted other than these snares. I was watching ebay for one and ended up buying it for less than 50 bucks. I usally don't like to buy drums with wraps but for the price I was like "ummm ok" I'll give it a shot. I got it and tune the bottom really tight then I left the top snare head loose I did not even tighten the top. The sound that it gave me with a evans g1 head was really nice. I got a decent buzz but it sounded really phat and warm with a quick decay. I am really impress in this snare mostly for the price. The wrap is not that bad looking for a wrap either.
    I just thought I mention it, if anyone looking for a nice fat sounding snare for a really cheap price check these out. I really was impress with some of the 400 and 500 dollars snares that I look at compare to this one. They look pretty but did not have the sound I wanted.
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    Just for the curious, the snare in the background of the second picture is my favorite snare. I had it custom made. 13"x5" Saturn snare that I had built for me.


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      Looks nice! Great price as well. My friend has a full Gretch Club set and they have allways sounded very good.
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        Gretsch makes quality drums in all their series. Good insight on that particular snare.