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  • Dw Bronze Snare

    Hello i want to buy :
    Dw Collectors 13x5 Bronze Snare Drum

    but i don't know ht esound of this snare , annyone have video , or mp3, or a song where i can listen this snare

    how the sound of this snare can be?

    thanks guys

    my c.v

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    Um, i don't have any samples but why do you want to buy it if you've never heard it at all?


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      why do you want a buy when you don't know how it sounds?
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        because it's shiny


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          It's a damn good snare. I tried a couple at GC near me and I liked them a lot. It's thick, loud, and powerful. It also rings a lot, but it sounds very nice. It's also a hefty snare in weight.
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            Save the money and take some English/Typing classes
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              i want one too.. for bragging rights, and i like 12/13" snares and a bronze 13" snare would be very nice. also, ive never heard anything bad about bronze cast snares.


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                I had one and didnt like it at all.
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