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    Wow, it's been a while since I was last on here!

    Anyway, I was searching through ebay and found a 14" x 5.5" MMX snare in the exact finish the rest of my kit (diamond burst with chrome hardware). Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what a maple snare like this would sound like, so that's really what I'm asking for; what are the qualities of a maple snare.

    At the moment I have the Tico Torres and it's brilliant for rock and metal but I'd quite like a snare that is a bit warmer for other generes.. Would the snare fulfil this?

    Cheers guys.
    Last edited by gingerbread; 04-07-2008, 04:24 AM. Reason: Got the dimensions wrong, depth is 5.5" not 5"

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    In my opinion, that snare is more than a bit warmer. It's a lot warmer and quieter. If by other genres, you mean jazz in a small venue, it is a superb choice. It's a wonderful, very tunable snare with lots of tone and personality, however, it is not built for rock.

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      Cool. How would it hold up in genres such as pop and funk?


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        Jack's description is dead-on. I have the exact snare you describe and I use it as my emergency backup (like if a head breaks mid-set). Warm and woody, but not fantastic for the 70s and 80s rock I tend to play. Keep in mind my primaries are 6.5 r deeper (Singer, Ultracast, MW FF). Its a solid snare - just not my first pick for what I play.
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          Check your pm inbox


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            I had one for a while. Recently sold it on ebay. It was a bit versatile depending on heads and tuning but at the same time it's actual tone just never appealed to me. It just wasn't "musical" enough to my ears. Always sounded just slightly dead. I'm sure the die cast hoops didn't help.

            I'm looking to get an Omar Hakim snare now.
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              Well that's annoying. The snare has been there for literally months, with a buy it now price and I go on ebay to buy it today and someone has bought it.