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New Pork Pie Snare!

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  • New Pork Pie Snare!

    So after some thinking i deicded to save myself a few hundred and get the pork pie black brass snare 14 x 6.5. Was considering the pearl 13 x 8 tamo snare but i decided the difference ebwteen the two wouldnt worth it.

    SO i picked up my new pork pie BOB snare today and im stoked! sounds great right out of the box! tons of crack and plenty of volume and cut. The stock heads dont sound that bad actually but im probbaly going to replace it. Any suggestions on some good heads for this snare? I was thinking just slapping on a remo emporer on it. Any suggestions also for some good snare wires i can put on it as well? Im quite happy so far with my snare i'll post some pics soon once i get a chance.

    Tested it out in practice this afternoon and man it sounded GREAT huge improvement from my old stock tama 14 5.5 superstar snare. This snare will definately get me through for a LOONG time
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    Sounds cool Post some pics. We're always interested to see!
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      congrats on a great pick up! i got the 12x5 little squealer and i love it! ive got a coated evans g2 on mine and it seems to work perfect. no buzzing, no ringing, tons of pop, deep body sound, etc etc i hope to see some pics soon!
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