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Getting a new Sanre soon, 13" or 14"?

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  • Getting a new Sanre soon, 13" or 14"?

    Hey all,

    Ok, i am going to shortly be purchasign a new Yamaha Dave Weckl Snare(sorry pearl boys, i am just in love with this thing!). I was wondering what some big differences between a 13" and a 14" would be? I play mostly rock, not heavy stuff, just some light rock and classics. What do you guys think i shoudl go with??? What are some characteristics of each size that i should know about?

    Thanks for the input!!!!!!!
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    13 will be higher pitched and more cracky
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      Personally, i would go with the 14". It is the most common size and its what you hear on most albums of the music type you are talking about playing, so it will sound right to you. A 14" is a very versatile snare that can pretty much adapt to anything depending on what the shell material is.
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