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A bit of muffling?

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  • A bit of muffling?

    Does anyone have a solution to taking out some of the ring on a drum without totally killing its sound. I've tried to smallest Zer-o-ring and it ripped all fo the original sound character away. Anyone have a simple solution or product to muffle the ring some but not completely?
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    very little gaffa tape will help. or maybe you don't really need it, like i said in other threads, once you walk a few feet infront of the kit the overtones and ring disappear and sometimes even improve the sound of your snare. it may be annoying to the drummer because he/she is sitting right ontop of the snare but to the audince it may sound just right.

    try having a friend play your kit and walk around the room or venue and see what i mean. if its still bothering you, you can purchase many many 'solutions' to the ring. such aas moongel, gaffa tape or ring mufflers.
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      Moon gel. It comes in a flip top container with 5 little squares of tacky (but washable and reusable) gel. You can stick it anywhere on the drum and each provides just a little muffling - best solution I've found if you like only light muffling. I think they run about $5 for a pack of 5 so its definitely worth it.
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        orrrrrr use a piece of duc tape and just stack more duc tape for the more muffling u want
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