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Ferrone vs. Ultracast Snare

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  • Ferrone vs. Ultracast Snare

    I am a new drummer and have purchased a beginner set of drums. I want to upgrade the snare to either a Ferrone or an Ultracast. I am not sure which would be better for the sound I am looking for. I want a rock sound (I'm not sure how else to describe it). Can anyone help with a recommendation?

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    Two different beasts. The Ferrone is a super thin rolled brass shell, which is very common. It creates, from my experience, a full, throaty sound, with plenty of resonance. The ultracast is a cast 3mm thick aluminum shell, which will have a higher pitch, with an enormous amount of power, that will be more "in your face". Within a band context, the cast aluminum shell will cut through the mix alot more, in my experience.
    Listen to any recent Metallica recording. I know Lars uses a cast 3mm shelled Tama., even though the recording might be processed somewhat, that is the sound I hear when I have played one. Ditto with any Tool recording. That is an 8x14 cast aluminum (thick) shell. Make sure and crank the cd, and you should hear that snare bark.


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      Thanks for the info. I think the Ferrone may be the sound I am looking for. A deeper, throatier sound rather that the higher, loud sound.


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        Danny Carey's snare is NOT a cast aluminum snare. Danny Carey's snare is a 14x8 Sonor Bronze snare with solid brass hardware. Just to clarify.
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