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    hey guys. k, i just started a thread about the session as i am considering a session custom over my export.

    i was just wondering, does anyone know of any decent places to get sessions from in england/UK becuase i dont know many sites or shops. also, the ones i do either do not list the session or just give ******ed shell packs. (four drums)

    if anyone knows the rough prices themselves, i'd like to know how much it'd cost for a 10,12,14,16 ,14x6.5 setup. with one 22 kick, and the same again with two kicks of the same size. the 16 is also mounted if that's an option. if not, standard floot tom is fine.

    later people.
    p.s, also, just how good is the session? i'd probably go for maple. but i mean, in conparison to tama or somthing, how good is a session? what's the equivalent in sound to the session?
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    hi there!is it dificult to find my drum serial number?i have a pearl refrence series!thanks!


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      Keep in mind that the Sessions line is discontinued. Lots of stores dropped the price of this line quite considerably when this happened. You'd probably have to get a second hand one somewhere if you had your mind set on a Sessions.
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        I asked the guy from MassMusic and these are the prices he gave me;

        22x18 $653.40
        14x14 $325.00
        16x16 $350.00
        14x6.5 $250.00


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          Straight from official 2006 prize list (euro)
          4 piece shell pack prize was 1425e. So that could be like 10,12,16,22 then add the snare and 14 tom in the order and you get what you want as cheap as possible.
          Snare 299e
          14" 285e (mounted)

          If you want the prizes separately here we go

          22" 710e
          10" 225e
          12" 240e
          14" 285e
          16" 330e
          14"x6,5" 299e

          Remember to ask for a good discount. Talk a lil with the dealer and he thinks ur a good guy and gives some nice packet prize for you. Usually when you order loads of stuff you get it alot cheaper than buying from Thomann etc etc...
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