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    Hey Guys

    I am going to buy a SRX very soon. I'm not sure wheter to order a 24"X16"/18" or a 22"X16"/18" Bassdrum though. I cannot find a music-store in Holland who has have a 24" SRX Bass displayed. So it's kinda weird for me to order a bassdrum without actually hearring it in advance.
    The main reason why I am looking a 24"bass is because I'm a huge fan of Simon Phillips. I know he has a TAMA starclassic Maple, but that's too expensive for me at the moment. I've always played pearl and I like it, so there's no reason for me to change brand. The new SRX are all maple shell, and they come with a price I can afford. Now, I'm wondering if the SRX bass has the potential to sound somewhat like Phillips' 24" Bassdrum after tuning it like he does (2 Ambassador clear+muffling the batter head)
    His Basedrums are 5mm (custom). I'm not sure how thick the SRX is.
    Many drummers told me not to buy a 24", because it's too much according to them.
    So is there anybody who has experience with a 24" SRX?

    Should I order a 24", which depth-size should I choose? Phillips uses 16" or should I order a 24X18??

    I play drums in a pop/rock-coverband.

    I'm looking forward hearing from you guys! The dutch drummers weren't very helpful.

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    I would pick the 22x18 inch bass drum. The 24 inch is nice but it is a large drum and not very versatile. It you ever want to play another type of music i.e. jazz, funk or country you'll be glad that you purchased the 22. The resale would probably be easier with the 22 vs. the 24 inch drum. I believe all the SRX drums are 7 ply maple. You can tune the head to about any sound that you desire. Simply experiment with heads any different ways of muffling the drum. I hope this helps and good luck.


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      I have a 24" bassdrum. It's a mapleworks brand that features "Keller" shells. I can tell you that this drum has a deepness and "punchy-ness" unmatched by other drums.

      You must play one before you buy one. But, they are large.


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        Thanks for your reactions.

        It probably made it even more difficult for me to choose. I do know they are less versatile than a 22", but when I look at the kind of music I am playing with my band, which is POP/rock, I think that kind of music can handle a 24". I'm not into country or Jazz at this moment, but you'll never know what may happen in the future. I have like 2 gigs a month with my band and I think we're gonna continue doing that for many many years.

        I also already have an export with a 22" Bass, so I can always use that one, although its color doesn't match Vintage Fade.

        It's just that I like the sound of Simon Phillips' Bass so much. I know I can never completely copy his sound, because it's tama and a different kind of shell. But having a 24" comes a lot closer than a 22".

        I'm just curious if someone has a 24" SRX, and has tried the same setup/tuning like Simon Phillips.

        Anyway, thanks for taking time to answer my question.