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What year is this drum?

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  • What year is this drum?

    I found a very nice Session Custom in Green Fade for sale.
    Just wondering what year they're from.
    The badge/lugs are different from my 2004-2005 Cranberry Fade set.
    PeteClick image for larger version

Name:	Green Session Custom Badge.jpg
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    Looks like around 2006 (SMX in Green Burst)


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      2003 was the last year of the SRX (maple). In 2004 the Session series was split into SBX (birch) and SMX (maple). This Green Burst in the picture is a maple SMX and was available from 2004-2006. The SRX had squared-off badge and flat lugs rather than the curvy badge and bridge lugs on the SMX/SBX. The Vision series replaced Session series in 2007.
      I have lots of drums...


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        Great, Thanks for the fast reply!
        I hesitated on this set at a great price & sure enough it sold fast. Actually, someone bought the 16" tom & now the rest of the set is being parted out on eBay. I just purchased a 2004-2005 Pearl Product catalog off eBay & realized my Cranberry Fade Session set is most likely 2002-2003 or earlier.
        So now I'm searching for a 16" floor tom &/or an 8" rack tom to match it.