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    Thursday and last night I played with a blues band called Pork Chop and the Leftovers at a new bar called Helenbak. Typical roadhouse, I think it was called Duffy's when I last played there 4 or 5 years ago.
    Thursday night was a jam so I used the Mapex Meridian Birch kit I got off of FB Marketplace so my new STS drums wouldn't be subjected to potential misuse. The stage is big with a short drum riser that is also spacious so last night I set up the full Session Kit with the full cymbal set up. I can't express the jolt I get playing those drums. Listening back to the Zoom recording I am totally knocked out by these Session Studio Select drums. Un-be-lieve-able! Seriously, I have no words.
    At age 65 (now 67) there's no guarantee you're going to wake up tomorrow so I thought if my new kit was going to be my last what would it be? Perhaps a throwback to my my first which came out of the Sears & Roebuck Catalog in 1965? It was red sparkle and although it carried no brand name, no badge of any kind, the underside of the hi-hat footboard read, "Pearl Drum Company LTD Japan", my introduction to Pearl Drums. Who the frig were they? Nobody I knew ever heard of them.
    I loved the Session Classic series and could have gotten an even more affordable close-out but I wanted to see what the Session Select series was all about. It's a different sounding Session series than the Classic or even my vintage Prestige Session drums. I can't imagine another set of drums I'd rather be playing at this point in time. If this is a sappy fan letter to Pearl Drums in their 75th year than so-be-it, happy anniversary!

    The first and last outdoor band rehearsal of The Undertakers, summer of 1966. Three of five of us in the back row with some neighborhood kids.
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    Kit looks great Ron. Love that last picture
    so much. Have fun and be safe please.
    Eric G : Pearl,pAiSTe,Remo,Vic Firth,SKB,Roc n Soc,Roland V-Drums. Masters MCX Chestnut fade.
    22"x18",10"x8",12"x9",16"x16". Ian Paice Snare.sigpic Why not ...


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      Cool story. Sounds like you are every bit as geeked about drumming as you were when you started.


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        Nice to see you are still passionate about drums after all these years Ron.
        Originally posted by dexplosion
        Boom stands are for sissies.


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          Looks like a sick gig, Ronn!


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            Originally posted by Feenix View Post
            Looks like a sick gig, Ronn!
            More like one of those "suppose they opened a bar and nobody came" gigs so far. I've done this before though where a place opens and needs time to get established. They have other bands booked now as well and that will help get the place introduced to a lot of people.