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    I ordered this Session from Guitar Center along with a set of Evans heads. The swap went smooth until i got to the bass drum. Either the threads were miscut or they were cross threaded. Either way i could not get the tension rods finger tight. I went and got a rethreading kit and some white lithium grease to lubricare the repaired threads and fixed the them, or so i thought. I was able to tighten them down finger tight but now they seem to be backing out on their own. After playing one song all the claws a loose and the head shows wrinkles and has no tension. I'm not sure if i did something to the threads, or if my tuning is too low, or the room temp has to do with it. Is this a common problem with the Sessions?
    Attached Files
    Pearl Export SX 5pc Black Quartz
    Sensitone snare
    Zildjian A Series cymbals

    Ludwig Centennial Zeppelin configuration blue sparkle
    Zildjian A Custom cymbals

    Detroit Custom Drum maple 6 pc silver sparkle

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    if you're tuning literally just above wrinkle, then it may just be the low tuning and you'll need some lug locks to solve your problem. Otherwise, there could be a problem with your lug inserts and/or tension rods.