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    i own both the Decade Maple (10,12,14,16,22) and Vision(10,12,14,14,20) and have done some recording with both of them. lately i have been having issues with getting a good sound out of the drums and have been tuning them every time i use them. my room for recording reaches 80 degrees so not sure if its that or maybe my tuning skills. i have tried Remo heads Evans Heads, i just ordered the last Session Studio Classic set my GC had. i hear reviews that these drums are easier to tune and have classic rock sound with lots of attack. would this help with my concerns? or did i just waste a ton of money when i could make my Visions sound the same? im not even sure what level the Vision/Sessions are on the list
    Pearl Export SX 5pc Black Quartz
    Sensitone snare
    Zildjian A Series cymbals

    Ludwig Centennial Zeppelin configuration blue sparkle
    Zildjian A Custom cymbals

    Detroit Custom Drum maple 6 pc silver sparkle