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    Originally posted by DrumandFly View Post
    Awesome kit. Really like the setup.

    How do you fix the inverted pics?
    Download the pics, flip them around using a picture-editing app (I use Photoshop), then repost.


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      Great kit and love the snares. I am stuck between finding a great deal on a Session Studio Classic or getting one of these Session Studio Select kits... either way, can't go wrong. lol
      -Tama Granstar (12, 16, 22)
      -Yamaha 7000 Series (12, 13, 16, 22)
      -Crush Sublime E3 (10, 12, 14, 14sn, 16, 22)
      -An array of snares
      -An array of cymbals


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        I had a session studio classic very nice sounding kit but in my opinion not close to the full powerful deep tone of the select shells. I use a single ply head and the floor toms are so powerful with a clean deep tone. The 8 10 and 12 especially the 12 sound larger than their shell size.


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          Pic of my Akira Jimbo 7 x 13 inch snare. One of the most sensitive snare drums I have ever played.Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by joepap View Post
            Pic of my Akira Jimbo 7 x 13 inch snare. One of the most sensitive snare drums I have ever played.[ATTACH=CONFIG]513855[/ATTACH]
            Thats gorgeous, just took delivery of my first Yamaha snare, the birch Gadd model with black maple hoops (See the Show us your Snare Thread - #2375), and i've fallen head over heals for it, sounds amazing in all tunings i've tried, and has the most wonderful midrange sweet spot. And the wood hoops are something else, i'm so much a convert that I sourced a groove wedge to put on one of my Natal drums.
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              Thank you ! I had the 12 or 13 inch maple Steve Gadd but ended up selling it. Enjoy the Gadd great snare.