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Are the Session Customs in the Green burst finish still out there?

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  • Are the Session Customs in the Green burst finish still out there?

    Ive been looking around for months for the session custom in the green burst finish. Ive seen them pop up here and there but they sell real quick or they are overly pricey...I actually bought one off of the offerup website, but I got screwed and never received the kit...(long story). I have a huge decade maple kit that I purchased a little over a year ago, but since seeing the green burst finish, I really want that kit. I will be selling my big decade maple kit if I can find a session custom in the green burst finish. I know as of now there are couple on eBay and reverb. Does anyone know of any less known places where I could look? Thanks.

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    if you are referring to these , then, no

    these are the the session custom smx line of drums

    they were discontinued and WERE available up until i wanna say 2 or 3 years ago as a special order but , sadly are no longer able to be ordered
    trust me i feel your pain , i own the birch version in piano black i d reeally love to get some more drums myself
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      Here is one. I can only find this kit in
      the brief search. Check Guitar Center
      used drum section. Also Music go round.
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        Yep, those are the ones. I did see that kit on eBay, and am very tempted to buy it....there have been some that were listed on reverb and eBay. T. hey were cheaper and they sold before I realized how rare they were. Thanks for the input!


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          If you're serious about purchasing a Green Burst SMX; PM me.

          FYI... $950 for that 4 piece is highway robbery.
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            Originally posted by melvinspeed View Post

            FYI... $950 for that 4 piece is highway robbery.
            I agree. I paid $999 for mine (Marine Blue Fade)............14 years ago!
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