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Anybody else find these drums tricky to tune?

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    I used to have a SSC and both rack toms were difficult to tune and also would detune easily. I agree that these drums like lower tuning.


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      I find the 10" easier to tune than the 12". Hard to get the sound I want out of the 12". The 10 almost sounds better tuned lower Than the 12"


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        I used my previous SSC and matching 6.5 Snare on our demo cd about a year and a half ago . B Side Milwaukee The track Back in the Cadillac is my personal favorite in sound. I used EC2 clears on the toms , Emad heavyweight & Emad reso. St dry on Snare. To be honest I would still have the SSC if I didn't stumble on a MMP Diamond Burst just after the recording. I had to sell it to get the MMP.


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          I use tunebot to tune all of my drums. I have a Pearl Masters Series kit with (100 percent Birch shells). (BRX) I have a Pearl Sessions Studio Classic (Birch and Kapur) A Pearl Sessions Studio Custom (100 percent Maple) And finally, A Pearl World Series kit from the early 80's. (not positive about the construction of the shells)

          With toms what we are talking about here is interval tuning. The relationship of the pitches of toms to one and other. Tunebot has a tuning guide and matrix that really helps get this tuning relationship right. Best thing about this is...once you know your numbers....or in this case can make your kit sound the same every time. You can find this tuning matrix at

          The Sessions Studio Classic drums are shipped with Remo Pinstripe heads made in China. The reso heads are Remo Ambassador heads also made in China. They sound OK for a while...but american made remo much better and last much longer. I use Clear Remo Pinstripe batter heads over Evans Genera Glass Resonant heads...this combination sounds excellent.

          When you read about how to use will find the secret to getting your sustain the way you want it.

          I like tuning the batter and reso heads to the same pitch. This gives the drum maximum volume, projection and sustain. I also find that when I tune this way my tuning stays good for a longer amount of playing time.

          You can cut the sustain by tuning the reso head tighter than the batter. It will shorten the also cuts volume and projection. Since your tuning the heads to different pitches you have to understand that your actually making a 2 pitched chord...within the drum. The reason why this type of tuning is undesirable for me will need to tune more frequently to keep the pitches correct. The batter head will detune as your strike it while the reso will try to stay where it was when you tuned the drum. This creates pitch bend or pitch woo...which makes a tom sound UGLY.

          You can also control sustain by using coated heads. White Coated Pinstripes over a white coated ambassador will warm up the will cut slap from the sticks hitting the head...provide deeper pitched tuning...and less sustain. If you want to cut can use black coated pinstripes over black ambassador heads.

          Yet another tuning tip...say you spend more than 12 minutes tuning 1 drum head and no matter what you do to cannot get your pitches and the lugs to match. Take the lugs loose all the way...take the head off. Wipe the inside of the drum head off with a dry clean cloth. Do the same to the bearing edge. Put the head back on and hoop. Then attempt to tune again.

          Hope this helps you all.


          Tunebot's tuning guide does offer pitch suggestions to tune this way.
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