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    good buys, but not too much in the storm cloud color:-(
    My Sessions-7 piece sbx

    hey I'm looking to BUY some drums pearl sessions SBX preferably in storm cloud, but any other finish will work (if the sizes are right). if you have any info on where I could get some drums for PM me


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      Originally posted by MBFSessions
      I had no idea you could still order Sessions still. I thought after like july of last year Pearl was not taking Session orders , I hope I'm wrong cause I'd still another MBF tom too !!
      I think they still have some few parts, but that's why it's a 4-6 month wait. Have a dealer call Pearl and see if they can get what you want!
      Sessions SSC Sheer Blue 8x7, 10x7, 12x8, 16x14, 22x16
      Sensitone Brass 13x5.5
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        Originally posted by abugazi
        Try finding an SRX 8x7 in MBF! :P Oh well, guess it's 4-6 month wait time soon!
        r u looking for an 8X7 MBF tom? I have one.