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Looking for Info on my Session Kit!

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  • Looking for Info on my Session Kit!


    I bought this kit a couple months ago, and it's absolutely great! It's my second session kit actually. They're the best. Anyways, I'm about to order an 18x16" floor tom to go with it, but I'm having trouble figuring out the exact make, name of the color, and even the type of wood!

    Here are a few pictures of one of the drums, just to show the label, lugs, and color. Can anyone tell me the exact year and make of these drums, and maybe point me towards the correct color code/name? Thanks in advance!

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    Hope I'm right about this...
    Looks like a Prestige Session Select (der the badge tells me that lol) therefore it is from the SRX range from 1997 to 2001. The colour is Red Alert. The shell construction would be Maple and Mahogany plies ( I assume Maple on the outside/inside and Mahogany in the middle).
    I'm sure someone will tell you something else if I'm wrong, hope this helps!
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      Prestige Session Select (SRX) shell specs: 7-ply, 7.5mm; one outer maple ply, one inner maple ply, five middle mahogany (Philippine, I think) plies.
      I'm not positive, but I think your finish is Orange Burnish (Color #180).
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        Excellent. Thanks to both of you for the help. I'm pretty sure it's the Orange Burnish, the pictures make it look more reddish than it really is.

        Now to order that floor tom, if they're still making them... I'm right at the last moment in terms of ordering parts for these, aren't I? Or, does the cutoff only apply to the SBX ans SMX's?


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          The Prestige Session Select (SRX) is no longer in production. You may find single SRX drum components on eBay from time to time.

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            You can also keep a look out for Masters drums from the same era. I have a friend with a jelly bean kit that has an Orange Burnish 16" MRX floor tom. The MRX an BRX have the same shell thickness and bearing edge cut and wouldn't sound too different than the PSS. The Masters hardware matches up really closely, the only difference is the bridged lugs on the Masters-they look the same from above.
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              Okay, so just to be sure, the only way to get an 18" tom in orange burnish is through ebay or other 3rd parties.

              And, the only lines of pearl drums that have the orange burnish color are the srx and the mrx?