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  • Quick question.

    Hi all! I new here but I've been playing drums for (only) 4 years now. I'm thinking about replacing my EX kit with Sessions. Which I'll have to place a special order to get them. But anyway, since the Session series has been discontinued now, I'm wondering if the price would be the same or would it be cheaper? Thanks!

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    I know some dealers are selling them a lot cheaper than when I got mine in Feb.07. I'd start with and see what they have to offer.
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      Oh I thought the price would be the same. But it looks like I can save for a few more crashes. Thank you so much!
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        They where cheaper back when everyone was trying sell the old stock for the new stuff coming in, but im not sure now, they may be around the same maybe a bit cheaper.


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          When i ordered my 10" and 14" the prize was cheked from Pearl 2006 prize list. Tho i got them a lil cheaper cus iv grown a good relationships with local dealers.

          Id suggest asking around from ur local Pearl dealer rather than ordering via internet..
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            I say massmusic is just as good as having connections they are great. actually not to long ago musicians friend sold sessions maple for like 700 dollars a set, they dont sell sessions anymore though. but i think 1000usd is the norm now, doesnt matter if its birch or maple (good luck finding birch though, and for that matter anything besides the blue fade)

            and I'd definitely recommend sessions, even if they are a little more hassle to find, they are in my opinion better than the visions, and very nicely priced for the quality, I love mine and I never plan on 'upgrading' to a higher line, it's all you need..... though I'd like to buy a few more drums before they stop taking orders... that will be a dark day in the sessions forum... i wonder if they will delete this section and move it to vintage!!
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            hey I'm looking to BUY some drums pearl sessions SBX preferably in storm cloud, but any other finish will work (if the sizes are right). if you have any info on where I could get some drums for PM me


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              I agree with no.1cooldrummer... I think I made a good decision buying my Pearl Sessions in marine blue fade, and I paid $650 for 5 drums... 10, 12, 14, 16, and 22 kick. And I am fortunate to get an 8" add-on tom in the same color from Pearl. These Pearl Sessions are very closely similar to their new Masters MCX (I believe Pearl discontinued the Sessions brand to incorporate it into the Masters line, and pitching the fact that the MCX is the affordable Masters.) If you look closely at the Masters MCX, it looks just like the latest Sessions with the bridge-style lugs and the Optimount Suspension System. The only difference is that the MCX has die cast hoops and a few different colors other than the Session colors. For $650, I don't want to get anything else, since it would cost a lot more money for the Reference and Masterworks kits... I don't have it like that! My Sessions look and sound great, and I will maintain them as if they were part of a Masterworks! Once my 8" tom arrives I'll set it up and take pics for you all. In the meantime, here's a pic from the store I bought it. Enjoy!


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                Yeah, I talked to some guy at massmusic and asked for a quote. And it was a little higher than I expected so I went to ebay and looked for Sessions and I got a $650 deal with 22'', 14'', 12'', and 10''. Not really that bad cause they were practically new. Now, I'm going to look for a good snare and a 16'' Vintage Fade Session tom. Thank you all for sharing these valuable information. I'm going to post pictures soon.


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                  give a look. they can order every available size and finish for both the birch and maple kits. they also have many replacement parts if you are looking to upgrade the hardware on the drum. happy hunting!
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                    Well, this guy who I bought my drums from is hasn't been answering my calls and he hasn't shipped my stuff. It's been almost two weeks now. I can believe this guy. I was kind enough agree to wait for 8 days because he told me that's he's going for a vacation when the payment got cleared and it's going to be hard for him to ship it to me. I'm going to contact PayPal and file a dispute. I lost my interest on buying a new set now. I just want my $800 back. *Sigh*