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What heads sound best on your Sessions toms???

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  • What heads sound best on your Sessions toms???

    So far I'm finding that the clear Pinstripes as batters and clear Ambassador resos sound great. I have 10", 12" 14" and 16" toms.

    But I'd like to know what other players think are sounding great on their Sessions toms?

    I lean towards playing more fusion and jazz-rock types of music.

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    I agree.

    With the stock clear Ambassadors on the bottom of my toms, I've tried clear Ambassadors, coated Ambassadors, Aqurian Performance 2's, Evans coated G2s and Pinstripes on my MRX kit (1998 model, with Super Hoop 2's and six-ply maple shells... basically identical to the current Session line except with Masters lugs and I.S.S mounts) and I'm still liking the Pinstripes the best. For me, they just work the best for low tunings. I've got the same kit configuration you do and I think I'd like other heads more if I had bigger drums (I don't like 14" toms as floor toms anymore because they are difficult to tune low enough for me... I'd probably go with 10", 12", 15" and 18" toms on my next kit). I still want to try Evans clear G2s to see if they'll tune as low a the Pinstripes and have a little bit more sustain.
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      Evans hydraulic glass

      Any time my drums really have to carry a distance I close mic them. I use evans hydraulics glass (clear) as all the tom batters. I use the stock remo ambassodors as resonants which brings back the pleasing natural overtones of the drums close up, while the hydraulics sound like they are pre-EQed, slightly gated, and compressed in the PA, electronic processing neither required nor desired! I try to evenly tune between the batter and resonant heads. 2 session kits with one 10,12,14,16 and the other a 13,15,18 tom set.

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