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  • SRX Bass Drum Hoops

    hey guys i had a question........ well here it goes.........

    i Have a SRX maple in vintage fade
    I used to have a 20 x 16 bass drum, and the hoop had like a metal bite plate on it where the bass pedal clamps to the hoop

    Ok so my problem is last year i changed my bass drum
    i went with an SRX kick drum that is 22 x 18
    and well this kick drum doesnt have the metal plate on the drum hoop.
    It had some stupid sticker looking thing there.
    Well that already fell off and now my drum hoop is getting chewed up and it really makes me mad !

    DO any of you have any idea on where i could get one of these from? or anything i could do as a solution.
    IS it normal for the newer Pearl drums to not have these ?
    Can i order one from pearl?

    Id appreciate any kind of input on this , so i can fix my problem and not damage my hoop!

    thanx guys ~
    SRX Vintage Fade Owner

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    You can't take it off your old one? Order one in from your dealer i guess.


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      Check the pdf hardware catalog listed in the sticky thread in "hardware" forum section. It's hard to tell what it is from the unmounted picture. HPP1 still listed, costs about $6 from a retailer. Likely have to be special ordered, not normally stocked except at the bigger Pearl retailers.

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